ROKOSAN s.r.o. is engaged in the production and development of organic amino acid fertilizers based on animal waste (feathers, horns and hooves). Thanks to the unique patented formula, Rokosan® fertilizers achieve the effectiveness of chemical fertilizers while preserving the organic characterand < reducing fertilization costs by more than 30% and ensuring a stable supply of macro and micronutrients, amino acids, humic and fulvic acids. The quality of fertilizers is appreciated on more than 30 export markets and confirmed by several accredited certification authorities.

HUMAC s.r.o. is focused on the development and production of natural products with a high content of activated humic acids. The products are mainly aimed at the recovery of the food chain for the population in the soil - plant - animal - food - human system. Pproducts are specially developed to reduce the amount of heavy toxic metals and other toxins in the environment, also as a natural stimulator of soil fertility, to retain water in the soil and modification of the soil structure. They are suitable for animals to detoxify the feed and support their immune system. The humic acids in HUMAC® brand products come from one of the purest Leonardite deposits in the world. They are 100% organic, without any chemical treatment or chemical additives.

ECO ROVNAK s.r.o. is a Slovak producer of products based on chlorine in the field of personal hygiene, household surface disinfection, in industry and healthcare, plant and crop treatment, treatment water for irrigation and ensuring the biological safety of farm animals. Products of the Agro ECA line represent a simple and safe solution for disease prevention in agriculture, increasing yield, improving plant vitality, reducing plant sensitivity and abiotic stress , creating a protective barrier against pesticides, eliminating plant burns and reducing losses during subsequent crop storage.

The company FLOVENAL s.r.o. is a Slovak producer of a unique 100% natural, organic sheep fertilizer with a high content of humic acids, a rich content of NPK and other effective components important for soil health. Flovenal products rapidly increase soil fertility by improving its physical, chemical and biological properties. Flovenal positively affects the creation of humus in the soil and thereby increases its fertility, the organic form of nitrogen prevents unwanted over-fertilization, regulates the water regime of plants, regeneration for the recovery of decades of soil degraded by the use of chemical preparations and fertilizers.

The BIOGRADA project from company ZDROJE ZEME a.s. company deals with processing of biodegradable waste and production of patented EFFECO biochar soil-regenerating and fertilizing substrate.  The BIOGRADA solution differs significantly from currently available alternatives. It turns waste into value by processing municipal and industrial biodegradable waste, agricultural waste and livestock waste. It is a sustainable solution, the main products of which are a soil-quality improving substrate and green energy. As the only representative from Slovak Republic, this company is a member of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) and thus participates in the strategic direction of the European bio-industry.

Company BIOKA, s.r.o. operates in the field of ecological technologies for plant protection and nutrition. Since its establishment in 2015, the company's activity has been focused on research, development and production of ecological preparations and fertilizers. Portfolio of Bioka, s.r.o. they consist of products from the field of natural substances and new ecological formulations, which are an alternative substitute for health-damaging chemical pesticides used to protect plants against pathogens.

The company ENVIVIA s.r.o. is a Slovak manufacturer of liquid preparations for plant treatment. They offer a complementary range of preparations for farmers, the common denominator of which is unique quality, high added value for the client and a highly concentrated form.

The company CERTEX a.s. deals with the production of biocidal preparations, suitable as preservatives and antifungal preparations for farmers. The products support plant protection and have overall beneficial effects for the application of organic fertilizers. The product has an effect as a preservative, antibacterial agent and plant protection against fungi and mold.

The company Zeocem, a.s. is a company with 60 years of experience in processing natural materials. The main production program of the company at the moment is the extraction and processing of natural zeolite and the production of products based on natural zeolite. Zeocem, a.s. is one of the most important producers of zeolite products in Europe. Zeolite products improve the physical, biological and chemical properties of the soil. They are a solution in times of drought, as they retain water and nutrients, demonstrably prevent nitrogen losses and prevent the nitrification process. Foliar application of zeolite acts as a protective agent against UV radiation, diseases, prolongs the effect of bio-pesticides and increases the effect against environmental stress.

Since the beginning of company bioTomal s.r.o. in 1992, the goal is to provide ecologically and integrated farmers and foresters with the most complete range of plant protection and nutrition products. At the same time, the company offers modern technology of biological and biotechnical plant protection as well as top-notch information service and consulting. It provides the means to signal and monitor the occurrence of diseases and pests. It participates in the research and development of new preparations and strives for ongoing expansion in the field of registration of new effective preparations for organic agriculture.

Company ekolive s.r.o. is the first and leading provider of a patented eco-innovative bioleaching method with a green guarantee from the European Union and certified ETV (InnoBioTech®) na spracovanie odpadu/minerálov/pôdy pomocou baktérií a produkciu novej generácie unikátnych biostimulantov/biohnojív ocenených svetovo-najuznávanejšou poľnohospodárskou univerzitou, najväčšou chemickou firmou, VUB Nadáciou a Európskym inštitútom pre inovácie a technológie EIT Food.  Biostimulanty ekofertile a mikrofertile are certified for EU organic agriculture, unique in composition - they contain various necessary types of trained microorganisms supporting plant growth, many naturally produced biostimulating proteins and organic acids, microalgae and liquid minerals dissolved in the bioleaching process - which activate and significantly improve natural processes in soil and plants ( photosynthesis, growth, quality, resistance to drought/frost/high temperatures and immunity to various viruses, fungi and bacterial diseases) and use of fertilizers

UAVIS je popredným poskytovateľom komplexných riešení v oblasti bezpilotných lietadiel a inteligentných systémov. Spoločnosť je oficiálnym partnerom značky DJI na Slovensku a ponúka najnovšiu techniku a príslušenstvo tejto značky, vrátane modelov MATRICE, AGRAS a MAVIC vhodných pre nasadenie v oblasti precízneho poľnohospodárstva. Predaj prvotriednej techniky je však iba jedným z dielikov skladačky. Spoločnosť taktiež poskytuje poradenstvo a školenia v oblasti používania dronov, realizuje všetky druhy dronových leteckých prác a zabezpečuje dáta komerčných satelitov s veľmi vysokým rozlíšením. Samozrejmosťou je spracovanie dát a v spolupráci s mapovým portálom aj ich vizualizácia a kombinovanie s rôznymi inými zdrojmi dát pre pohodlnú a efektívnu prácu.